Friday, September 15, 2017

The flowerpots

I've finished my Freddy and Gwen flowerpots - I put them horizontally in the end rather than vertically. I was going to do a border but couldn't quite find the right border fabric, or the right piecing pattern, so just left it without one. We mostly use single-size quilts to be honest - the boys have them on their beds and my husband and I sleep at such different temperatures that we both have our individual pile of quilts on ourselves, no sharing.

It is called "The Thoughts of Others", no reason why. As you can see from the photo below it is raw edge machine applique (using fusible to stick it down, then stitch around the edge) so it is quite likely to fray with repeated washing but I don't really care. It bows dreadfully at the edges too, because the fabric cut from old shirts is so soft and doesn't want to hold its shape. I don't care about that either. I quilted it in big fat feathers because they are fun to do and I could guide the feathers to make sure most of the dodgy applique edges were held down with at least a little bit of quilting.

And on the back I dragged some very ugly fabric out of my shelves - possibly flower related? Definitely colourful. Strange lady hippies on one side, and something that looks like sad 1980s duvet cover on the other.

Overall this quilt didn't use up a lot of stash, which is a shame, but when the urge comes to make peculiar little flowers in vases you just have to run with it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another weekend

The weekend came and went quietly. I was a bit unwell on Saturday - just one of those days where the side effects from the drugs all gang up and make me sick. I think I've mentioned this before - I tolerate the drugs pretty well most of the time but every couple of months I have a shocking day of muscle and bone pain, nausea and headaches. It goes away by dinner time so I just take painkillers and lie down, but it's pretty miserable. It started two years ago when I went onto these new injections so there must be something strange they're doing to me!

But Sunday was a lovely day, starting with a book club brunch. A couple of the ladies have been off on overseas postings and are now back, so we had a bit of a reunion and revitalisation over eggs benedict and coffee. I love brunch, I think it's my favourite meal. We've set up a new facebook group and we are going to be regular and focussed in our literary efforts from now on. Honestly. The photo is the fountain outside the National Library, where we brunched. There is an extremely popular cafe in the foyer.

And Sunday afternoon I went for the usual run around the lake, admiring the spring blossoms and everyone out and about. I used fancy filters on these photos - can you tell? I kind of think filters are for twelve year old girls and people with no life but it is fun to do. I might branch out into noir-esque black and white numbers.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sugar bowls

I was thinking of something scrappy next up - but not sure what to do - I was thinking maybe pinks? And then, just when I needed it, Bonnie Hunter pops up with sugar bowl blocks. I'm making mine bigger than hers, nine-inch finished instead of six-inch finished. It means I only need 64 blocks for a decent size quilt instead of 144! Bugger that.

I am going with pinks, or close to pinks, whatever I have in the scrap strips and yardage. They are fun to make and should be a lovely friendly quilt in the end.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Two different runs

On Saturday I was full of the joys of spring - a nice fresh morning with the blossoms just starting out - a gentle breeze, a blue sky and a nice 7 km run around the lake to start the weekend.


And little adorable fluffballs of cygnets! They are so cute, and their parents are so fierce that I couldn't get any closer and just had to use the crappy iphone zoom. But trust me, they were tiny and cute and so grey and fluffy that I just wanted to give them a cuddle. But I didn't because mama swan would have literally bitten my hands off, it has been known to happen. They are mean birds.

But this spring loveliness lasted about two hours and since then it has been windy and showery and cold. Snow again on the hills. I thought I would go for a lunchtime run yesterday, even though the apparent temperature (taking into account windchill) never got above zero, because I don't mind the cold usually ... but it was HORRIBLE. Wind nearly knocked me off my feet, the ear infection was screaming at the cold air and then I turned onto my usual lake side path and there were waves across it! That doesn't ever happen, and I wasn't too enthusiastic about swallowing lake water with my run. So I pathetically gave up and went back to work. Yuck.


Monday, September 4, 2017

The baby cheeses

Remember the murky mid-creams and browns I was working on a few months ago? With some red corner stones they became this scrap quilt. I called it "The baby cheeses" because I am watching the new series of "Cheese Slices" which is a wonderful show about cheese hosted by a man who takes love of cheese to the crazy extreme. Number one son and I were watching a show a couple of weeks ago that had monks carefully turning the new cheeses which was just beyond bonkers. Praise the baby cheeses.

It is an indoor shot today because it is windy and showery and sunny all coming two minutes after each other and I didn't like my chances of getting a good shot outdoors. And the washing line was full, although I keep taking it in and putting it out again ... well, until I got sick of it and shoved it all in the dryer. Bugger the planet, it was getting too difficult. And I've got an ear infection which is painful! I've never had one before and it sucks - I went to the doctor on Thursday and got antibiotics and drops, so fingers crossed it will improve soon. Here is a shot of the quilting ... kind of loops. Kind of.

The back of this quilt is more of the ugly mid-browns in an attempt to use them all up. I haven't got close, but on the other hand I haven't bought any quilting fabric at all since the couple of metres in California in January, so I must be shrinking my stash a tiny bit? Yes?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The yellow shirt

Here's a dodgy selfie of me wearing my new yellow shirt. See what I mean about the pleats? Very pretty. The binding on the neckline is actually a bit neater than it looks in this photo honestly. The angle of the photo is a bit peculiar but I wanted to get the top bit in, because the rest is very boring.

I think my yellow shirt was the most exciting thing that happened this week. I sent my uni assignment in, two days early after realising I was just picking at it and making it worse. Now I'm worried about the research paper - I had quite a good idea, or so I thought, but the preliminary work is making me think that it's not going to be very good after all. I might have to come up with something else... never mind. That is a problem for another day.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Wierdo weather

After all that lovely sun during the week it goes and SNOWS on Sunday! A bit strange to happen this late in the winter, although Canberra always loves snow - we only get it maybe once a year and it's very exciting. I went down the coast for the weekend so I was driving back through a couple of little flurries. Nothing to worry about, except that I wanted to watch it and not concentrate on the driving.

The coast was beautiful on Saturday - lovely sunny weather - as I did my footnotes and bibliography until the charge on my laptop ran out. I forgot to pack the charger so I put the brightness on so low I could hardly see and it lasted a few hours. Nearly done. Given the gap this created in my weekend productivity schedule (hahahaha) I put together the new Ikea tv stand we bought to replace the ancient plastic veneer one the previous owners had left for us. With an ancient video player too. It might work - who would know? Who has videos?

This is the after photo, which looks quite good,  but the halfway through photo is a bit of a shocker. I was turning it over after attaching the legs and caught the cord of the lamp that sits on the high shelf and pulled it off ... smashing everywhere. The lampshade, and the fitting, and the bulb, spreading about six feet in every direction. Took me an hour to clean it up, cursing the whole while. I never really did like the lamp though, so that's OK. My first reaction was to get my phone to take a picture ... what have I become?

I was at the beach on my own - I did offer to take children but no-one was free or interested. I also made a shirt which I am wearing at the moment so I will take a photo when I get home to show you! Nice and bright, and possibly on the loose and flowing end of the shirt spectrum, rather than the tailored end, but that's good sometimes when you're feeling a bit plump. I quite like the pleats on the neckline so might use the pattern again.